Life beyond the minimum safe distance.

Past, Present, Future.
Who I am, have been, and want to be. Struggles and Triumphs.
Life: Raw, filthy, unmanageable at times.
The inner workings of a mad mind.


imagine lestat doesnt wake up in the 80s

he sleeps another 20 ish years and wakes up in the 2000s 

imagine lestat joining an emo band 

imagine shirts for his band selling at hot topic

Outta my way. I’m gunna puke.

Flavored frozen yogurt.
Pour coffee over.
The end.

My house is too hot.

I was watching austenland and hot in here by belly played. As a result;
I’m naked and star fishing.
Come at me bro

Things have changed

I don’t trust you.
I can’t handle the fact that I caught you in a lie about something so simple.
We have unbounded chemistry.
But your words hurt me.
It’s been weeks.
It’s better to burn out.
Then it is to rust.


i cant look in mirrors for very long

i hate seeing myself and what ive become